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What is Lawn Robo?

A one stop shop for all things regarding Robotic Lawn Mowers! Technology is changing lawn care as we know it, providing cost effective and environmental friendly options to our customers. The days of sitting on a riding mower for two hours every Saturday are behind us…

  • Weekly Robot Rental - our Rental clients pay us weekly. We install and maintain a Robotic Mower at their property.

  • Mower Transfers - Are you Moving? We offer Robot Re-installation for any homeowner that is moving and wants to take their trusty robotic friend with them.

  • Wire Breaks - Do you have the infamous blue (or red depending on the brand) light of death? We find, fix and replace wire breaks! Rely on our team of professionals to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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Why choose Lawn Robo?

We love Robots!

We have sold and installed Robomow, Husqvarna, Echo and Worx Robotic Mowers. We are not tied to a manufacturer and can recommend a mower that is best for your particular property - not just one brand!



Where do you service?

For Weekly Service - The Greater Milwaukee Area

For Installation - The eastern half of Wisconsin including northern Illinois


Family Owned & Operated

We stand behind our business. If you ever have a problem - let us know, we’ll fix it.

How much does a Robot cost?

Pricing ranges from $25.99 to $59.99 per week.

Keep your house looking great!

Your Robotic mower will cut every day keeping your lawn looking perfect!

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What service are you interested in?

Meet our Fleet

We currently use mowers from Husqvarna, Robomow, Echo and Worx within our Business. We are not tied to a particular brand and can recommend different mowers based on yard type. Our most commonly used mowers are the Husqvarna X-Line Automower®. Husqvarna X-Line is the most fully-featured range of mowers available, designed for those who want a top-of-the-line robotic mower. These robotic mowers are equipped with the X-Line feature package, including Automower® Connect with GPS theft tracking, GPS assisted navigation, LED headlights, front rubber bumper and X-Line body design.

Keep scrolling to see our PRICING MODEL.


How Much does a Robotic Mower cost?

  • The Rental Model:
    Our customers pay a one time installation fee and then pay us weekly for use of the mower. Most Clients range from $25.99 to $59.99 per week. We handle everything regarding your mower. Sweet, Simple and Easy for our clients. No insurance, no maintenance, no storage during the off season - this is all handled by your Lawn Robo team.

Interested in a FREE Quote for our our Robotic Lawn Service? Please fill out THIS FORM and someone will reach out to answer questions and provide pricing.


Yes! Robotic Mowers are exceptionally safe for children and pets. There have been over a million robot mowers sold in Europe over the past 10 years, and the safety record has been remarkable. Here’s why: They have sensors that make them stop and turn around when bumping into something. If they’re picked up while mowing, the blades will stop in less than a second. They have a 3-inch barrier that prevents fingers and toes from reaching the blades while operating. It is important to remember THESE ARE NOT TOYS. Please be cautious and make sure children do not play with the mowers.

In small amounts dog poop doesn’t pose a problem to Robotic mowers. If too much builds up on the wheels or around the blades, the mower may lose traction, so we ask pet owners to regularly clear their yard (every few days).

Driveways and sidewalks are no challenge for Robotic Mowers. We will do a full testing of all areas during installation to make absolute certain that the mower is capable of handling your terrain.

Because the mower is regularly cutting your lawn, it cuts just a small bit of the grass blade each time. These bits of grass easily fall back down to the soil where they decompose and provide fertilizer-like nutrients to the roots. This makes for a greener and healthier lawn.

A base station will be set up at your home. The robot will mow on its programmed schedule and then return to its base for charging. ​

Each and every lawn is different. Our installers will program the robot around your lawn's needs/growing habits as well as your own lifestyle needs. Rest assured that your lawn will always have that freshly-mowed look! ​

Our mowers can handle just about any yard size. The largest residential model we carry is capable of mowing 1.25 acres. The largest commercial model we carry is capable of mowing 6 acres. For larger properties, we can also use two or more robots to cover the entire property. ​

Hills up to a 35% slope are no problem for our robots. We rent a 4 Wheel Drive Robot. Yep a 4WD Robot! ​


For our service clients during the off season we pausing their service and store the robot. You only pay for the months in which the robot is active!

Absolutely. We can program the mower to operate during specific times only (our robots are quiet enough that they can even be set to run at night). During installation, we will ask you about irrigation systems and pets to ensure a schedule is selected that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Exact timing depends on the size of the yard, but our robotic mowers can work day or night and you do not need to be home.

Yes! This can be adjusted from about 1 - 3 inches in height depending on model. Several mowers have a phone app to adjust the cutting height right from your smartphone.​ ​

The average robotic mowers use 13 kWh per month, so at an average of $0.13/kWh, it would cost approximately $1.69 per month. ​

We install mowers throughout the Easter Half of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Our service clients are located in the metro Milwaukee area.

Eric Berg - Founder of GutterGrizzly

Meet the Founder

Hello! I’m Eric the Founder of Lawn Robo.
I love being on the Cutting Edge of new technology. (Get it?? Get it???)
Robotic Mowers intrigued me as a consumer, after learning more I launched Wisconsin’s first Robotic Lawn Service serving the Greater Milwaukee area. This business combines automation and technology in a service business that had seen little change in decades. I’m excited to help shape the lawn care industry using automation to provide environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for our customers.
Know that I’m standing behind my fleet of Robots and my team of employees. If you ever have a problem - just reach out. We will do our best to fix it. It’s that simple.
Lawn Robo is a division of EMBerg Ventures. Visit EMBergVentures.com to learn more about my other business including FidoSTOP and Gutter Grizzly.
Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

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